Work-Related Fatalities Caused by Transportation

Traffic collisions do not just happen to and from work, getting to the grocery store, picking up the kids from soccer, or on cross-country camping vacations. Those who spend time in traffic while on the job are exposed to the dangers of motor vehicle travel as well, and the extra time they spend on the road only increases their chances of being injured or even killed. If you were injured in a traffic collision while on the job, it does not matter whether you were found at fault or not: you can receive workers’ compensation regardless. These benefits will pay for all of your medical expenses, future medical costs, part of your salary while you recover, vocational training if necessary, and even permanent disability if you are permanently unable to work due to your injuries. For assistance with your workers’ compensation benefits, do not hesitate to contact us today. Our Jonesboro workers’ compensation attorneys will help ensure that your financial future is not put in jeopardy because of work-related traffic collision.

Traffic Collisions a Major Cause of Injury and Fatality Among Arkansas Workers

For the 22nd year in a row, transportation accidents were the leading cause of workplace fatalities in Arkansas in 2015, according to the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. A total of 74 Arkansas workers died while on the job last year, compared to 67 in 2014. Other types of workplace incidents that caused fatalities include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls: 13.5% of Arkansas worker fatalities;

  • Violence and injuries caused by other people and animals: 12.2% of Arkansas worker fatalities;

  • Contact with objects or equipment: 12.2% of Arkansas worker fatalities;

  • Exposure to harmful substances or harmful environment: 4.1% of Arkansas worker fatalities;

  • Fire and explosions: 1.4% of Arkansas worker fatalities; and

  • Other: 1.4%

Current State of Workers’ Compensation System

According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance 2015 Issues Report, “stakeholders in the workers’ compensation system have benefitted from mostly positive conditions.” Claims have decreased, premium costs have been controlled, and states have run their systems efficiently. However, that does not mean that your employer and their insurance carrier will accept your work accident and provide the benefits that you deserve. As with any large company, profits often come before people, and insurance providers are never keen on handing out money that would otherwise stay in the pockets of their shareholders. It is more crucial now than ever to have an experienced attorney at your side after you suffer from a workplace injury.

To Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits, Call an Experienced Jonesboro Attorney at Once

While 41 workers were killed in transportation collisions in 2015, hundreds more faced serious injuries that put their financial stability at stake. Workers’ compensation benefits are difficult to procure, and an experienced attorney is almost always needed to ensure that you are awarded these benefits. If you were injured in a traffic collision at work, reach out to the Jonesboro workers’ compensation attorneys of Wells & Wells today at 870.782.4084.