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The name Phillip Wells means different things to different people. For most of the men and women he encounters, Phillip Wells is an advocate for justice. After more than 50 years as an attorney, he has impacted the lives of hundreds of clients: he has fought on their behalf with passion and courage and always put the needs of the client before his own.

For others, Phillip is a husband, a father, a “popsy” to his three grandchildren, and a friend. Phillip has worked hard throughout his career to balance the important things in life; he never sacrifices the needs of his clients, but he also creates time for his family and friends. He enjoys golfing, fishing, exercising, and, of course, spending every precious moment he can with his grandchildren.

Phillip is also a veteran of the United States Army. His time in the service gave him the valuable skills necessary to be an advocate in civilian life. While his military service required sacrifice and calculated judgement, his career as an attorney has proven those qualities useful as well. In fact, the Army was eventually what led Phillip to his inevitable profession. He began his education at the United States Military Academy, also known as West Point. He studied engineering for a brief period of time, but after some consideration, he realized that he did not want to build his long-term career in the military. His heart was elsewhere—he decided to become an attorney.

While clerking at an insurance defense firm shortly after law school, Phillip found his true passion in personal injury law. During his clerkship, he interviewed witnesses for many car wrecks and encountered numerous people affected by negligence. However, he had an innate feeling that he was not meant to represent insurance companies. “I began to realize that I am more oriented towards people, not companies,” he once said. Phillip wanted to help repair the lives of real clients – clients with stories and families of their own. It was this altruistic passion that led him to practice personal injury and worker’s compensation law on behalf of people – not companies.

When asked which type of law he prefers, Phillip has a difficult time deciding. Both personal injury and worker’s compensation are fulfilling and satisfying fields of practice. He once said, “I love worker’s compensation because injured workers really need an advocate who understands the system and can help them navigate it. I can fight for them because I have the experience and I understand the system. Many of these individuals are used to getting a modest paycheck to support their families – so when that modest paycheck stops, they don’t have many options. They need an advocate, so they can pick their families back up and get back on their feet. I enjoy being that advocate.”

This steady hand coupled with passionate advocacy is perhaps the most valuable skill Phillip brings to the table in representing his clients. He has decades of experience and can predict the defenses in any case. Clients trust their attorneys with their livelihood, their financial stability, and their future; Phillip’s record alone is enough to prove that he is a trustworthy choice for any client.

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