Dog Bites - Another Type of Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal Injury lawsuits come in many different forms. Although the most publicized personal injury needs come in the form of car accidents or slip-and-falls, any injury that you’ve sustained because of the negligence of someone else could be a personal injury case. For example, animal owners must show due diligence in ensuring that their pets are not a danger to the public. If you have been bitten by a vicious dog or another pet, you could be eligible to recover damages from the owner. Wells & Wells has experience with litigating dog bite cases; if you think you are entitled to compensation because of a pet owner’s negligence, call a Phillip and Robert Wells at 870-819-3349.

What qualifies as a compensable dog bite case?

Arkansas law protects individuals from vicious animals. According to the law, there are two different ways to win a personal injury case against a dog owner: proving negligence, or proving that the animal had vicious tendencies before the bite occurred. Although it’s not required in all public or private places to keep a dog in an enclosed area, owners are expected to know whether their animals pose a threat to the public. Factors such as the dog’s breed, previous infractions, and the specific circumstances under which the bite occurred can help prove vicious tendencies.

The dog’s breed alone can sometimes be enough to prove that the animal was vicious. Although each animal is different, some breeds are particularly more dangerous than others. Statistically, Labrador retrievers, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers are most likely to attack a human. This is because these dog breeds tend to be territorial and protective. Owners must pay careful attention to dogs of these breeds, and show proper care to ensure that they don’t bite passersby.

Finally, if a dog has ever shown vicious tendencies in the past, the owner should be held liable. For example, if the animal has bitten someone else, knocked someone over, or shown other dangerous behaviors, you could be eligible for compensation from the owner. Vicious animals must be kept on close watch by their owners; if you were attacked by a dangerous dog, you should not have to bear the burden of your medical bills or your pain and suffering alone. If you have sustained an injury because of an animal of a dangerous breed, or by a particularly vicious animal, call Wells & Wells today to see if you are eligible for compensation.