Wrongful Death in Clay County Commercial Truck Collision

The driver of an 18-wheeler who caused a fatal collision just north of Jonesboro in Clay County is being charged with negligent homicide, manslaughter, and third-degree battery. He killed two and injured another in late December of 2016. His bail is set at $1 million cash, according to WLOX.com. These charges, which stem from the driver most likely falling asleep at the wheel or becoming distracted, are virtually as stringent as they come for “accidentally” taking another’s life. While this was no accident, the driver did not intend to kill the two victims in the crash, hence the manslaughter charge instead of first or second degree murder. Depending on the sentencing of the felony that the driver is charged with, he could be facing up to 20 years for the negligent homicide charge alone. In Arkansas, fatigued driving causing the death of another is negligent homicide, which can be charged as a Class B felony punishable by between five and 20 years in prison, according to Arkansas § 5-10-105. However, where does this leave the families of the deceased?

Justice, as Well as Compensation for the Families of the Deceased

While no amount of punishment will bring back loved ones that were taken too soon, family members may take some small solace in justice being served and the negligent party spending time in prison for their selfish actions. However, that is only part of the reconciliation. Luckily, trucking companies usually have high insurance policies, meaning that it is usually likely that the employer of a negligent truck driver will be able to pay out substantial sums to multiple families. This means that exorbitant hospital bills will not fall on the shoulders of the innocent, families will not be kicked to the street for missing mortgage and rent payments, and funeral and burial costs will be covered. In addition, an experienced attorney can help procure substantial compensation for loss of enjoyment in life for the family members of the deceased, or pain and suffering and/or permanent scarring and disfigurement compensation for the injured.

18-Wheelers Cause Thousands of Deaths Every Year on Arkansas and U.S. Roadways

Large truck collisions generally involve multiple victims, as the size of such an immense object, moving at such a great speed, very often takes out more than one passenger vehicle, motorcycle, pedestrian, or cyclist. Keeping control of an 18-wheeler takes a driver’s full attention, and sadly many large truck drivers do not give the appropriate amount of care and respect to the job at hand. Glancing down at a cell phone, opening a bag of chips, or taking a sip of coffee is sometime all it takes to cause a crash by swerving or not reacting to traffic conditions in time. In some cases, the driver commits even greater offenses, such as watching portable TV, dozing at the wheel, or driving high or drunk.

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