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JUUL Labs, Inc. increased its JUUL e-cigarette sales by 641% from 2016-2017. Originally advertised as a safer option than traditional cigarettes for smokers, JUUL devices and accessories rapidly increased in sales among younger users due to their sleek design and accessibility. However, as their popularity has increased since market release, so too have concerns about the product’s safety.

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JUUL: Harmful Corporate Behavior

At face value, the concept of a device that is a safer alternative to cigarettes appears to be a move in the right direction in the fight against nicotine dependency. However, the danger of JUUL lies in not only the ingredients but also the consumer base.

For adolescents, JUUL represents a trendy hobby more than a harmful addiction. With a wide variety of flavors, JUULs are a customizable nicotine source, unlike their competitors. As a result, cigarette sales are at an all-time low among teens, but nicotine addiction still reigns supreme thanks to e-cigarettes like those produced by JUUL Labs.

The increased use of these devices among minors has skyrocketed sales, and many believe that targeted advertising to younger, often underage, audiences is the cause. JUUL Labs did not attempt to stop these predatory advertising tactics until federal and state governments began to evaluate the scope of nicotine addiction among middle and high school students. While efforts to redirect their marketing strategy are long overdue, JUUL Labs’ unethical practices have left a mark on the health of its users.

Why Are JUULs Bad?

The risks associated with JUUL products include nicotine addiction and dependency, in addition to future health issues from continued nicotine use. JUUL Labs produces a vape with disposable JUUL pods that contain vape liquid made of glycerin and flavoring.

According to JUUL, the cartridges or pods “contain a proprietary nicotine-containing e-liquid formulation creating a satisfying experience.”

Users can choose a pod flavor like mint, mango, or fruit medley and their preferred nicotine strength. The customizable features and sweet flavors appeal to younger users more than adults. As users become dependent on the nicotine in JUUL products, they can increase the amount of nicotine to curb their cravings.

This is especially concerning as JUUL pods contain eight times more nicotine than other e-cigarettes and over five times more nicotine than cigarettes. The perceived health benefits of a cigarette alternative are unfounded, and researchers have found that JUUL products cause the same or more harm to blood vessels as other nicotine sources.

Another risk is copycat products that have flooded the market. These products look and function the same as JUUL Labs devices, but they have not been evaluated for safety or risks and sometimes contain harsh chemicals and substances that increase health risks for users.

JUUL is beginning to take measures to limit the widespread harm created by its products, but millions of people are already addicted. Many of these users face health issues and the painful process of trying to quit a nicotine habit or addiction. If you or a loved one has used JUUL products and developed a health condition related to nicotine addiction, contact a qualified attorney about your options.

We Can Help You Take Action Against Unethical Corporate Practices

Whether you have used JUUL products as a minor or you have a loved one who has developed a nicotine addiction or health condition because of these devices, you may be able to seek compensation. JUUL products are a risk to users, and many people have already begun to take action against the e-cigarette manufacturers because of their false advertising and negligent practices.

Our attorneys at Wells & Wells have over 50 years of combined experience working with similar cases. We understand how upsetting it can be to discover the truth about a product and see your loved ones struggle with addiction and harmful side effects. That is why we provide meticulous case evaluations and legal strategies backed by decades of experience. We listen to your case, help you understand your options, and advocate for you every step of the way.

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