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Elder Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

Quite possibly the most tragic and horrendous of all types of elder abuse is sexual assault. Elder sexual abuse occurs at a disturbing frequency throughout U.S. and Arkansas nursing homes and assisted ...
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Neglecting Premises Liability Can Lead to Serious Legalities for Business Owners

A slip and fall injury on unsafe premises is one that occurs when an individual enters a store, home, or business and becomes injured after falling, which was caused by another’s negligence. A ...
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Motorcycle Season: Tips for Staying Safe During the Summer

As the warmer months approach, this is the perfect time to break out the old convertible or take your motorcycle for a spin. However, motorcycle collisions are some of the most dangerous accidents on ...
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Was the Driver that Hit You Using a Cell Phone?

It is a small thing to ask: for other drivers to put away their phones when they drive, since their lives and yours are both at stake. However, it is too tall of an ask to make, apparently, as more ...
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What to Document After a Motor Vehicle Collision

Even small vehicular crashes are unsettling, troublesome, and, at times, chaotic. In the midst of making sure everyone is okay, calling the police, and changing your schedule to accommodate for time ...
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600,000 Albuterol Inhalers Recalled for Ineffective Delivery System

The British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has recently issued a recall of nearly 600,000 albuterol inhalers, according to KTLA 5 News. A spokesperson for GlaxoSmithKline stated ...
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New Open Container Law in Arkansas

Were you hit by a drunk driver? The more serious the collision, the more likely it was that they were intoxicated. While the majority of minor crashes are caused by distraction, impatience, speeding, ...
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Nursing Home Abuse: Financial Abuse

Unfortunately, elder abuse comes in many shapes and forms. Because older people may not possess their once full cognitive ability, they are less familiar with technology, and because criminals know ...
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Defective Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

A hernia is a weak point in the abdominal muscles through which tissues or organs perforate. Depending on the type and severity of a hernia, a patient may experience nausea, vomiting, and severe pain. ...
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Report Reveals Increase in Arkansas Boating Fatalities

While the great majority of vehicular accidents are those of cars, trucks, and other passenger vehicles, Arkansas’ waterways can be just as tragic as our roads. And, just as most auto collisions ...
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Arkansas Saw Increase in Drunk Driving Fatalities in 2015

Collisions in which the other driver was intoxicated are often some of the most horrific in terms of physical injury and even death. Often, drunk drivers fail to hit the brakes at all, or drive their ...
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Careless and Reckless Driving in Arkansas

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, careless and reckless driving are the most common causes of fatal traffic collisions in the state of Arkansas. For a variety of ...
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Defective Drug-Coated Stents

Drug-coated stents (also called drug-eluting stents) have deadly consequences for many people. If you were given a drug-coated stent and suffered serious health complications, or a loved one died ...
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Work-Related Fatalities Caused by Transportation

Traffic collisions do not just happen to and from work, getting to the grocery store, picking up the kids from soccer, or on cross-country camping vacations. Those who spend time in traffic while on ...
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Nursing Home Negligence Leads to Fatality in Little Rock

A nursing home in Little Rock is facing a wrongful death lawsuit, filed by the deceased’s daughter, according to Arkansas Online. The deceased, a 68-year-old woman with vascular dementia, was ...
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